Empowering Connectivity, Pioneering Excellence.

In the surge of AI-driven broadband advancements, the need for stable, convenient device solutions becomes paramount. At Hyconext, we recognize that high-quality broadband connectivity hinges on reliable and efficient infrastructure devices offered at a competitive price. Our commitment to pioneering innovation and technology allows us to cater to the escalating demand for innovative electronic products in WISP base stations and Data Center network equipment.

Specializing in state-of-the-art PoE switches and data center solutions within the realm of tech electronics, we cater to a diverse clientele, including telecommunications giants, commercial establishments, and residential users across multiple nations. Our goal is clear: to serve WISP operators, integrators, and data center facilities with advanced technology products and solutions that are with high quality, easy to use, price-friendly with customised service support.

We take immense pride in our dedication to leading innovation, ensuring our products deliver swift speeds, unmatched security, and are rigorously tested for safe use. Our team comprises professionals and experienced experts across various domains, ensuring excellence at every stage of product development and service delivery.

Building credibility and trust is paramount for us. Our recent showcase of expertise at the biggest annual event on the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) calendar, the esteemed Wispapalooza 2023 exhibition in LA stands as a testament to our commitment to industry excellence. We were honoured and excited to share our solutions and plans with over 2,500 attendees in the ISP industry.

Hyconext is dedicated to enabling enterprizes to enjoy ubiquitous and stable broadband connectivity by providing advanced technology solutions, contributing to the establishment of efficient foundational networks that support seamless connectivity for all.


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  • Singapore HQ: 128 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088535
  • United States: 1170 Centre Dr #F, City of Industry, CA 91789


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hyconext about us

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To revolutionize connectivity through relentless innovation, providing trusted and affordable network solutions that empower WISP operators and data centers, fostering a world seamlessly connected.


At Hyconext, our mission is to lead the industry by delivering cutting-edge network devices at competitive prices, setting new benchmarks in innovation, security, and reliability. We aim to empower WISP operators and data centers with trustworthy solutions, enabling seamless connectivity worldwide. Driven by a commitment to excellence, we continuously strive to expand possibilities and redefine connectivity for businesses and individuals alike.